About PVF

Hiu Newcomb, born in 1935, lives and works on the farm year round. She takes care of the off-beat varieties of vegetables that we grow at the Vienna farm, in addition to dealing with the many details involved with running a small business on a small budget. A few background facts: Chinese-American, grew up inContinue reading “About PVF”


Callaloo, also called Jamaican Spinach or vegetable amaranth, is slightly more dense than spinach—more towards Swiss chard—with a pleasant, mild earthy flavor. Prepare your Callaloo by washing it, pulling off the outer skin of the stem like you would celery, and then chop the entire stem and leaves together. Sauté with onion, green pepper, tomato,Continue reading “Callaloo”


Eggplant is a member of the nightshade family. You may find one of two varieties in your bag: Italian (round) or Asian (long and skinny). It has a mildly bitter taste and slightly spongy texture. It’s high in dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamins B1 and B6, and folate. Eggplant has been used in cuisine worldwide.Continue reading “Eggplant”

The calm before the (tomato) storm by Julie Eden

July 15, 2010 Recently, I’ve been slowing down a lot every time I drive by one of the three — no four — wait no… let me think a second… SEVEN — different patches where we’re growing tomatoes on the farm. For the last week or so I’ve begun to see little glimmers of redContinue reading “The calm before the (tomato) storm by Julie Eden”

What is Ecoganic?

We farm using all organic practices. We make our own rich compost, and apply rock powders, natural minerals and sea products to ensure that our soil and our food is full of nutrients. We religiously use winter cover crops and summer green manure crops to keep our soil microbes happy and healthy. We are deeply committed to the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture: ecological soundness, economic viability, and social responsibility.

What’s Happening at PVF West? by Becky

It’s May, and of course that means we’ve gotten a hard frost the last two nights. Everything seems to have survived by some miracle that we won’t question, and we’re breathing a sigh of relief as we stuff more plants in the ground. Because that’s what we do in May. We plant. And mulch. AndContinue reading “What’s Happening at PVF West? by Becky”