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* Max group size is 20 people total. **Please contact us if cost is prohibitive for your group. This year we are offering three tours:

1) Our pre-school school tours that we’ve been offering for decades

2)Mixed age and adult tours

3) Special by request tours lead by the Farm’s Founder, Hiu Newcomb!

You can read more about each tour below:

Pre-School Tours

We have been hosting School Tours at our Vienna farm for decades.  The children of children who first came to the farm on a school tour are now having children of their own.   

Children walk the fields as a farmer/guide, working with the class teacher, helps them experience the tastes, smells and feel of familiar foods in their natural settings.   They learn how autumn differs from spring on the farm.  They are introduced to the foundations of sustainable agriculture practices.  

We have reserved weekday mornings in September and October for School Tours.

We continue to charge $5 per person (children and parents) for our pre-school tours.  Teachers are welcome without charge.  We can accommodate individual classes (up to 20); larger groups can be divided up into sections.  We ask schools to help minimize the number of vehicles making the trip because parking is very limited.  Children will take home a seasonal souvenir.  

Virus precautions include: all farm personnel will maintain social distance from visitors, and wear masks if they are close to visitors (as when children are invited to pet the chicken being held by the guide). All activities are outdoors.  

Farm Field Trips for youth, mixed aged tours and adults

This year we will again offer Farm Field Trips offering a close look at how we grow vegetables using sustainable farming practices in harmony with the environment.  Trips are designed to accommodate individuals and members of families who are comfortable with one another during this period of concerns with exposure to the virus.  

We offer trips to mixed groups of adults and children, and trips for solely adult groups as well.  This tour is led by a seasoned guide who knows our farm and farm history. We particularly welcome high school students and other young adults who may be interested in sustainable agriculture and the potential role of small farms in climate policy.  

These walking tours last about one hour.  By special arrangement they can be longer and cover more subjects in depth.  

Some of the topics we may cover include:

  • The life cycle of a plant from seed to seed
  • The use of all five senses in appreciating vegetables
  • Principles and practices of sustainable agriculture (with examples of composting, mulching, cover cropping, crop rotation and other techniques)
  • Local, just and environmentally sound food systems
  • The history of the farm–how did two young college grads with four children decide to start farming here 55 years ago?
  • The importance and challenges of growing food locally and on a small scale.  

If necessary we may return to last year’s covid safety protocol.  This includes, as always, all activities taking place outdoors, and: 

  • The guide remains 6ft from the group at all times.
  • Everyone wears a mask when not speaking;  
  • The group itself has assembled with confidence that it is safe to be outdoors together.  

The cost of a farm field trip is $70. Babes in arms and in backpacks are free.  If you would like to focus on a particular topic or customize your tour please let us know of your interests.   

We farm and offer tours at two locations.  

Our Vienna Location

Our Vienna location is the business hub of the farm, a compact set of fields, patches and farm buildings.   Our walk includes a visit to the hen house.   Hiu Newcomb, an owner and co-founder of the farm, is available by special request to lead trips in Vienna.  The cost of her trips is $100.  You can learn more about Hiu on the home page of our website.

  Our Purcellville Location

Our Purcellville location is much larger, with rolling hills and the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains in the distance.  Here groups will tour the  educational  garden as well as the main fields in vegetable production and our large scale composting site.  There are no animals at Purcellville.  

Here are some related educational resources if you would like to peruse them before or after you come out to visit the farm.

Please email with any questions.