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Potomac Vegetable Farms is offering guided walking tours of our working vegetable farms in September and October for small groups of toddlers, children, adults, and families who are already associated with each other and share a bubble. 

Step One: Please view our available time slots here before filling out our registration form.

Step Two: Fill out your registration form request.

Step Three: Look for a confirmation email from Amanda at

*We will need to charge a minimum of $80 per group in order to run a group. Max group size is 12 people total. Cost is $10/person, please contact us if that is cost prohibitive for your group.

At Our Vienna location: 

A one hour guided walking tour of our working ecoganic vegetable farm. Your group will explore the sights, smells, sounds, textures and tastes of the farm through an interactive tour full of questions and information about our vegetables, chickens, pigs, soils and the history of the farm. We believe hands-on learning about what sustainable, resilient local food systems can look like is critically relevant especially in a time when education and connection has become increasingly virtual. At the end of the tour each person gets to take home a small personal pumpkin! 

At our Purcellville location:

An hour long tour through our educational permaculture garden and working ecoganic vegetable fields. This farm is more spread out with 13 acres of vegetables in cultivation. There is also a permaculture garden on this site. (There are no animals at the Purcellville location).

Depending on the ages of the groups, we will adapt our tours to include sensory and exploratory experiences for young children, and discuss food systems and principles of sustainable organic farming practices with older groups. Some of the topics we include in our tours:

  • Local, just and environmentally sound food systems
  • The life cycle of a plant from seed to seed
  • The use of all five senses
  • Principles and practices of sustainable agriculture (with examples of composting, mulching, cover cropping, crop rotation and other techniques)
  • The history of the farm (how did two young college grads with four children decide to start farming here 55 years ago?)
  • The importance and challenges of growing food locally and on a small scale.  

The guide will remain a safe distance, 6 feet apart, from the group at all times, but we will assume the group is assembled because it is safe to be outside together. We feel that it is important for children of all ages to have an opportunity to learn about vegetables and farming in real time, in real life. The entire visit will be outdoors with porta potty amenities.

The minimum cost to run a group is $80, and the maximum group size is 12 due to Covid-19. To schedule your tour, please register here and wait for your confirmation email. The cost is $10 per person (babies in arms are free) and we encourage students and adults of all ages to come to our farm. If you would like to focus on a particular topic or customize your tour please indicate that in the registration form or reach out to Amanda.

Here are some related educational resources to use before and after you come out to visit our farm.

Please email Amanda at with any questions.