Registration for the 2022 is open! We have made some changes this season, so please be sure to read through the descriptions below.

This year we are consolidating our CSA seasons into one 25-week season, running May 29-November 13, 2022. Registration will remain open once the season begins until we are full. Those who can typically only sign up for the Autumn season can register during the summer and still join us for only the last few months of the season.

We use a CSA Management platform called Harvie that offers our members who get a bag delivered off the farm the opportunity to customize your shares. Those picking up on the farms in Vienna and Purcellville and at the farmers markets will still have the same Market-Style system, with the room set up for free choice. Everyone can set vacation holds or reschedule their shares.

Please remember to read the CSA Terms and Conditions.

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The 2022 CSA Season

CSA share pick up options include on-farm pickup in Vienna and Purcellville, delivery locations, and farmer’ market pick up at the Leesburg, Falls Church, Reston, Arlington, Dupont Circle, and Takoma Park farmers’ markets. It is a cooperative CSA, with shares comprised of food grown on our Vienna and Purcellville farms and with that of other local farms: Sassafras Creek Farm in Leonardtown, MD, Fireside Farm in Purcellville, VA, and Lost Corner Farm in Leesburg VA. At the markets, all the vegetables are produced on our own farm.

We are all deeply committed to creating sustainable farms, and all farms use organic farming techniques towards that end. This multi-farm collaboration allows us to start our delivery season in May and include vegetables and fruits that we do not grow ourselves.

Our Pick Up Locations

On-Farm Pick Up
We offer on-farm pick up on both our Vienna and Purcellville farms. Add ons (except eggs) are available for on-farm pick up only. Eggs are also available for delivery.

In Vienna, you can pick up on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Vegetables can be picked up between 10AM and 8PM. Pick up on all days is market style, with the option for a pre-packed, customizable vegetable share.

In Purcellville, we will have two pick up options for market style CSA during the summer: Thursday/Friday, or Saturday/Sunday from 10AM to 4PM. Starting in mid-September, shares are pre-packed, and pick up is on Thursdays and Saturdays only. Vegetables can be picked up from noon until dark, and unretrieved vegetables will be left for one extra day. They wait in an air conditioned room.

Farmers Market Pick Up (Vegetables only–no add ons)
Saturdays at Leesburg, Falls Church, Reston, Arlington: 9AM – 12PM
Sundays at Takoma Park, Dupont Circle: 10AM – 1:30PM
Select your own share. No delivery fee.

Delivery (Vegetables and eggs only)
Delivery shares are vegetables and eggs only. No other add ons are available for delivery.

We deliver shares on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from the Vienna farm. We arrive at our last delivery spot by 3PM, and vegetables can be retrieved from 3PM until late evening.

Delivery members have the opportunity to create vegetable preferences and customize their shares. Once you sign up for a share, you’ll be asked to rate all the vegetables we grow on a scale of “not for me” to “I love it.” Your share will be built based on those preferences and what we have available in season at the time. Don’t like beets? Rate them a “not for me” and you won’t ever see them! Love carrots? Give them an “I love it” and we’ll try to get that to you every time they are available!

Once you get your vegetable list each week, you can make changes if you want: Prior to your delivery, you’ll have the option to swap out items online. If you don’t like something or already have too much of something in your share, you can swap it out for other options.

If this all sounds overwhelming you can also skip setting preferences and customizing and have a bag delivered with the farmers’ choice of vegetables.

Pick Up locations

Pricing and Options

The CSA starts the week of May 29 and ends the week of November 13, 2022.

Share Sizes

Mini Share: Designed to feed single folks or couples who eat out often. Approximately one shopping bag each week. Expect 6-8 items in your bag each week.
Regular Share: Designed to feed 2 adults most of their weekly vegetable needs. About 2 shopping bags each week. Expect 7-10 items in your share each week.
Robust Share: Designed to feed a larger family, or strictly vegetarian couple, most of their weekly vegetable needs. Expect 8-12 items in your bag each week.
Biweekly Share: Order any share size and pick up every other week.

What might I see in my share?

July: lettuce head, 1 bunch swiss chard, 1 fresh garlic or 1 bunch scallions, 2 lbs. summer squash, 1 bunch basil or 1 bunch dill, 3 cucumbers, 2 lbs. potatoes
September: lettuce head or bunch swiss chard, 3 peppers and/or eggplant, 3 lbs. tomatoes, 1 bunch basil or 1 bunch parsley, 1 bulb garlic or 2 sweet onions, 2 lbs. green beans, 1 fennel or 1 celery
October: lettuce head, bok choi or bunch arugula, 1 bunch kale, 1 bunch beets or carrots, 1 head broccoli or cauliflower, 1 bunch kohlrabi or head cabbage, 2 lbs. sweet potatoes, 1 bunch turnips or radishes

Payment and Discounts

We offer the following payment plan:
*Pay 8 weeks at the time of registration, then pay for each subsequent week by an automatic credit card charge (through Harvie).
*Pay in full, by check or credit card.
Off Farm prices include a $3/week delivery fee.

*Register by February 15 and receive a $25 early bird discount.
*Returning members registering by April 15 receive a $25 discount.
*Pay in full within 10 days of registering and receive a $25 discount.

Vacation planned? Need to change your pick up location? You can easily reschedule your share or change pick up locations to accommodate your plans.

On FarmOff Farm
(price includes delivery fee)
Mini Share
$27 per week
Biweekly Mini Share
$27 per week (based on 12 weeks)
Regular Share
$37 per week
Biweekly Regular Share
$37 per week (based on 12 weeks)
Robust Share
$47 per week
Biweekly Robust Share
$47 per week (based on 12 weeks)
Extra Options
(Only available with the purchase of a vegetable share.)
$12, one-time delivery
$12 one-time deliveryAvailable for on farm pick up only
Egg Share
$3 per delivery, half dozen per week
$75 weekly
$36 biweekly
$75 weekly
$36 biweekly
Flower Share
$15 per delivery, 1 bouquet per week, 20 weeks of flowers, on farm pick up only
$375 weekly
$180 biweekly
Available for on farm pick up only
Chicken Share
$24 per delivery, on farm pick up only, delivered monthly
$144 (6 deliveries)Available for on farm pick up only
Farmers Choice Meat Share
$100/$200 per delivery, on farm pick up only, delivered monthly
Small: $600 (6 deliveries)
Large: $1200 (6 deliveries)
Available for on farm pick up only
Herb Shares $27 per delivery, on farm pick up only, delivered monthly
Tea and Wellness Share
Herbs for the Kitchen Share
Body and Soul Share
$189 per share type (7 deliveries)Available for on farm pick up only
Culture Share
$20/delivery, on farm pick up only, delivered monthly
$140 (7 deliveries)Available for on farm pick up only

* Sales Tax: Shares that are picked up in Virginia will be charged sales tax.

Extra Options

Cookbook – On farm pick up only
117-page page cookbook with recipes and cooking tips, using the vegetables that come in the CSA shares. Includes descriptions of vegetables and the many ways to store, cook and enjoy them.

Egg Share – On farm pick up and delivery only (not available for farmers’ market pick up)
We offer fresh brown unfertilized eggs from happy birds. These are free moving chickens that sleep in a hen house (safe from foxes) and eat organic grain. You will receive a half dozen eggs per week.

Fresh Flower Share – On farm pick up only
Nestled in the rolling hills of Rohrersville, MD, Winding Root Farm grows over fifty varieties of specialty cut flowers with a focus on long-lasting, vibrant blooms and native cultivars. We take pride in providing our community with the highest quality flowers and foliage, grown and foraged in harmony with our Appalachian ecosystem. In addition to bright and cheerful blooms, our bouquets frequently include herbs and carefully foraged foliage, and farmer Caroline enjoys using her background in entomology to identify numerous species of native bees and other insects. Though are not certified organic, Winding Root Farm only uses certified organic amendments and implement farming practices that build soil and leave the land healthier than when we arrived.

Chicken Share – On farm pick up only
Whiffletree Farm, in Warrenton, Va, rotates their chickens to fresh pasture every day. They do not use any antibiotics, GMO feeds, chemicals on the land, or chemical washes in processing the birds. These practices are healthier for the land, animals, eaters (!), and the community! The chickens, delivered once per month, will be 4.5 lbs. or slightly larger. You can check out Whiffletree Farm and Farmer Jesse Straight more in this short documentary.

Here is a picture of Farmer Jesse Straight of Whiffletree Farm feeding his hens on pasture!
Here is a picture of Farmer Jesse Straight of Whiffletree Farm feeding his hens on pasture!

Farmers Choice Meat Share – On farm pick up only
Whiffletree Farm raises chicken, eggs, turkey, pork, and beef; all on fresh pasture, non-GMO feed, no antibiotics, no chemicals, and their beef is Wagyu and 100% grassfed!

The meat gets delivered to the farm freezer once a month, on both farms. If you pick up at an Off-Farm location, you may select the meat share and come to the Vienna farm once a month to pick up your meat from the freezer, anytime in the week. Leesburg Farmers Market customers pick up meat at the Purcellville farm.

Small: 7-11 pounds of quality assortment of meats. An example would be the following: 4.5lb. whole chicken, 1lb. chorizo pork sausage, 1lb no nitrate bacon, 1lb. ground beef, 1.25lbs. shaved steak, 2lbs. chicken leg/thighs.
Large: 15-22 pounds of quality assorted meats. An example would be the following: 4.5lb. whole chicken, 1lb. chorizo pork sausage, 2lb no nitrate bacon, 1lb. ground beef, 1.25lbs. shaved steak, 2lbs. chicken leg/thighs, 2lb. boneless breast, 1lb. sage breakfast sausage, 1lb beef steak, 1lb. beef brats.

For those of you who eat meat this is a great way to conveniently source local, pasture-raised, non-GMO, humane, chemical-free, antibiotic-free meat that contributes to the health of the land, animals, eaters, farmers, and community!

Herb CSA Share – On farm pick up only
For more information, visit Gathered Threads.

sample herb share

Tea & Wellness Share : Our monthly Herbal Tea & Wellness Share is formulated for your wellness. Each month will have 4-6 herbal products from the following list: tea blends, simple teas, a wellness tea blend formulated for the month/season, herbal kits, herbal extract, or other herbal products for wellness.

Herbs for the Kitchen Share: The Herbs for the Kitchen Share is a well-rounded spice & herb share. Each month the share will have 4-6 herbal products from the following list: simple spice jars, spice blend jars, spice mix, herbal infused vinegar, or other herbal goodies for the kitchen.

Herbs for the Body & Soul: Our Herbs for the Body & Soul Share is comprised of a range of herbal products made on the farm. This share contains 4-6 herbal products ranging from salves & lip balms, body butters, sprays, bath products, herbal oral care products, masks, foot care products, and even herbal household cleaning supplies.

sample culture share

Gathered Threads Culture CSA Share – On farm pick up only
Gathered Threads produces small batch cultured products from sustainably grown produce. Katherine Stewart Herman, owner of Gathered Threads, has been fermenting and experimenting with vegetables for over 10 years. She loves some of the standard ferments, but has been inspired to create new recipes from the abundant harvests of vegetable farms.

The selection of cultures ranges from several types of ‘Krauts’ and several types of ‘Chi’s’, (such as, Kimchi), and other cultures such as Gingered Carrots, Beets N’ Fennel, and more! The selection will rotate as the vegetables are seasonally available.

Visit Gathered Threads for more information about our cultures!

Winter CSA

The Winter CSA is On Farm only at both farm locations. Our Winter CSA starts the week after Thanksgiving and goes until the end of March, but we take a break in January. There are eight CSA days, and while we try to stick to a schedule of every other week, sometimes the weather forces us to change the date (but not often).Four pickups in December/January and four in February/March.The Winter Share is one size only: 8 items.

What is in the winter share? Root crops and leafy greens, mostly. We store sweet potatoes and radishes and winter squash and potatoes and carrots and we grow anything that will withstand the cold: kale, spinach, salad greens, chard.

A Winter CSA customer has to be willing to go with whatever happens with our successes and failures in the fields and tunnels. We work very hard to keep everything growing, but sometimes the offerings are limited and odd. Other times they are amazing and gorgeous. You just never know.

2021/2022 Winter CSA Dates

November 21
December 5, 12, 19
January 30
February 13, 27
March 13

November 19
December 3, 10, 17
January 29
February 11, 25
March 11

$300 for the eight week season.
In Vienna, pickups are on Sunday and Monday.
In Purcellville, pickups are on Saturday.
Market style. Choose your own roots and leaves.

Please read the CSA Terms and Conditions.