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Planting Potatoes
Planting Potatoes

We hire seasonal employees for both of our farms–one near Tysons Corner in Vienna and one in Loudoun County near Purcellville.  In general, each employee is based on one of these farms, but we travel between them as needed. The two farms are 30 miles apart, but that can be a great distance during heavy traffic hours.

We have filled our crew for 2023, but we still need a few part time folks in the fall.

We look for people who:
• Are interested in regenerative agricultural work
• Love working with their hands (in the dirt)
• Are open and willing to be engaged in our learning process about what it means to be in a diverse space across race, gender and class.

We are a committed community of learners. We are looking for folks with a commitment to working toward a more ethical, racially just, equitable society. All while growing some excellent vegetables!

In Loudoun County our main production farm is located near the town of Purcellville. The farm is semi-rural, near many amenities but bordering other farmland. Public transportation is not easily reached. We are fortunate to be part of an active farming community, so you will have a chance to get to know other farmers and workers.  We have rustic housing available for four employees.

In Vienna, we generally hire people to work four days a week and we have no housing to offer. Everyone spends some of their time selling at our roadside stand at the Vienna farm.

Both farms are active seven days a week, so we need people who are available on Saturdays and/or Sundays too.  We schedule our time off so that there is an ample work crew every day. In Loudoun, we spend more of our time on producing, harvesting and washing vegetables and in Vienna we have the added task of packing the CSA shares two days a week. Workers from both farms go to the farmers markets on the weekends, on a rotating schedule. We have a roadside stand at each farm.

Employment Starts: April 15 in Loudoun, May 15 in Vienna
Employment Ends: September through November
App Deadline: Most spots are filled. Inquire for the fall.
Minimum Length of Stay:  Preference for those who can stay into October. In Vienna, eight weeks is the minimum. In Loudoun, twelve weeks.
Meals: All meals are on your own. Of course, workers may use produce from the farm. On each farm, we have one potluck lunch a week–a high point in the social calendar!

Harvesting Garlic, 2012
Harvesting Garlic, 2012

Skills Desired: Experience in farming is not necessary. Experience doing physical labor is helpful. Good attitude and drive, people skills and commitment to doing good work a must (even if it’s blistering hot or a soaking wet rain). Once you have learned a skill, you will do it unsupervised–so you must be a trustworthy, hardworking individual. If you are applying to work in Loudoun, we appreciate a desire and patience for community living, as you will be working and living with the same folks throughout the season.

Educational Opportunities: This is a successful farm business with vast experience in growing and selling direct market produce, so you will learn just by being here. We enjoy teaching as we work so you understand what we’re doing, but we don’t let it slow us down. We have short morning and afternoon meetings to discuss the workload and explain why we are doing what we are doing. If interested, each full time worker may take on an area of responsibility, in which we hope they become proficient (irrigation, pest control, CSA distribution, greenhouse, farmers market, etc.)

Amy Picking Cherry Tomatoes, 2012
Amy Picking Cherry Tomatoes


To apply for a position, send an email to with the following information:

  • Your contact information.
  • A letter of interest indicating which farm you are applying for.
  • Your resume and/or qualifications for the position you are applying for.
  • Your dates of availability for work.

We only accept applications via email; mailed or walk-in applications not accepted.

Transplanting Kale, 2012
Transplanting Kale

Employment Details: Starting wage is $10.00 per hour for new workers with no farm experience. Most desirable candidates are available April/May through October/November. Workers can expect to go to farmers markets a couple of times a month, help with CSA distribution, and work at our on-farm roadside stand. Hours vary throughout the season. April-May hours are 30 – 40 per week, June-July are 40 – 50 per week, August and September can be over 50 per week, Oct and Nov are 35-45 per week. Most days are 6 hours long in Vienna and 7 hours in Loudoun, except for Friday market prep and market days (which are longer). Workers in Loudoun will get 2 days off/week, most Vienna workers will work 4 days/week. We are very humane bosses.

Vienna: Route 7, four miles west of Tysons Corner
Purcellville: Route 287 and John Wolford Road

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  1. I like the whole concept but I do have some question for now I would like to know how far your location is from Alexandria Va.

    1. Alexandria is about an hour away from Purcellville and a half hour from Alexandria. You may want to map it for more specific times/mileage.

  2. I live in Leesburg and I am very interested in working on your farm. My sister-in-law used to work with you guys I believe. How do I go about applying?

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