A few little changes in the works for 2011 CSA

Howdy folks.

We’re enjoying the off season here at the farm. Most of my workmates are off in lovely tropical places (Guatemala and Hawaii) as I have opted to stay close to home and rest. But, we are busily planning the details of our 2011 season.

The biggest news is that we have hired two amazing young folks to come and run the day to day farming in Loudoun. Stacey Carlberg and Casey Gustowarow have lots of growing experience in the region and are excited to take on the land and projects here in Loudoun. I  will continue to do the behind the scenes work (keeping the books, planning, procuring, public relations etc), but am taking some time off from field work. In order to accomodate this change we will be growing a little less food here and shrinking a bit of our retail presence.

For you CSA folks, that means that Loudoun will supply only the home-farm CSA here in Wheatland. And, we’re going to do it differently, by having the shares available “market style”. That means, no boxes and prepared amounts, you will choose amongst the offerings and take a “recommended” amount (or less) to create your own share that week. Look for details on this site in a couple weeks.

For the rest of our CSA customers whom we deliver to, we will continue to offer delivered shares, but for 2011 they will be created and handled by the Vienna staff. That means a few differences in using a bag vs box, but it will be almost exactly what you’ve gotten used to.

Again, the details of the CSA will be posted here by February 1st. New members will be accepted starting February 15th.

Happy Winter