Support film about CSA pioneers at INDIEGOGO

The Last Crop is a tribute to the Mains who, like you, have altered the status quo between farmer and food consumer through CSAs. It is a CALL TO ACTION to ensure that farmland will be affordable to our next generation of CSA farmers. 

At the heart of our story is one family’s determination to address three critical issues facing farmers and our nation’s food system today: the affordability of farmland, the fragile balance of farm succession, and, ultimately, the preservation of small family run farms. Their story challenges food consumers, conservation groups, local communities, and some 500,000 aging U.S. farmers to rethink what actions they are willing to undertake in order to transfer their land to a new generation of family farmers.

Please act now. 


It is a “crowd funding” website that allows us to tell our whole story, raise awareness across the Internet, and secure funds necessary to complete this important film. 


STEP ONE – Visit our campaign page at  to learn about our film.  View my pitch video and the great perks we are offering in return for your support.

STEP TWO  – Spread the word, and help us get featured on INDIEGOGO’s homepage. Under the video, click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ link, share as an email, or embed our URL link on your organization or farm’s website.

With your pledges we will helpp inspire communities nationwide to keep farmland for farmers.

**Best to do this on your computer because there’s a $2 activation fee on your smartphone.

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