Gathered Threadscropped-chickweed241 will be starting its first year of Medicinal Herb CSA distribution 2014. All herbs are sustainably grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers!! 85-100% of the herbs in the share are cultivated by Gathered Threads. A small proportion are ‘wild crafted’ by Katherine, meaning they are identified and harvested in their natural habitat. Care is taken to not over-harvest these plants so they can continue to thrive in that area. At times there may be a small percentage(~2%) of herbs supplied in the share that are sourced from other farmers to help provide some flavors and medicinal actions from plants that either aren’t available in our region of central Virginia or are from plants that aren’t yet established on the farm.(If used, these herbs would only be used into blends, incorporated to accent our own herbs. They would not be packaged alone.)

Currently, Gathered Threads is growing its medicinal herbs at Tree and Leaf Farm in Unionville, VA.Katherine has a long history of farming at Tree and Leaf Farm and friendship with Zach Lester, Georgia O’Neal, and family. She has worked at Tree and Leaf Farm for over 8 years growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs. She is excited to have a supportive location to begin growing her herbs and herb business. It is also helping to provide diversity to the larger farm dynamic being amongst all the vegetable plants.
Check out pictures of the medicinal herb garden here.

Gathered Threads will be a Medicinal Herb option for CSA members of Potomac Vegetable Farms Autumn share 2014! Register at

Medicinal Herb CSA Share Cost – $180 for the Autumn Share – September, October, & November($60/month).
Medicinal Herb CSA shares will be distributed once a month within PVF’s regular weekly delivery schedule for their Autumn Share (September, October, November).

We are familiar now with locally, sustainably grown food. What about your herbs?!
Get to know your herb farmer, some new herbs, and some new uses for familiar herbs!

By joining the CSA, you are on a journey with herbs. Some years it might be a great chamomile or yarrow harvest. Other years might provide us with more holy basil, lavender flowers, or skullcap. Some herbalists say that the prominent herbs that are present in a given year are the same ones we’ll need the most in the following seasons! However it may be, most herbs have several different actions, meaning they can be used for multiple purposes. So in those abundant years for certain herbs, we get a chance to explore all of their uses!!

CSA Members expand their herbal knowledge and familiarity with herbs. The ‘standard’ culinary herbs are provided in the share, such as basil, parsley, dill, sage, thyme, rosemary, so you can continue cooking with familiarity with the herbs from your share. We also provide some common herbs for teas, such as peppermint, spearmint, lemon verbena. By joining the CSA, you will probably also receive herbs and herb products you are less familiar with, but might have heard of, such as passionflower, calendula, alfalfa, red clover.

Members receive beautiful, hand-made, high-quality, locally & sustainably grown herbs and herbal products.

Gathered Threads is focused on and dedicated to drying herbs for your share. We believe herbal teas and culinary spices are very important to supply you with. We want the dried herbs to be close to 1/2 of the share. Herbal teas can help nourish you with vitamins and minerals essential to our health. Herbal teas are an easy way for our body to assimilate and use the herbs’ constituents. Many of the herbal teas, either simples or blends, can be used daily as a tonic to help support, build, and tone various body systems.

Instructions to use the herbs and herbal products will be given with the share.

Though the CSA you get to expand your herbal medicine cabinet and your knowledge of herbal remedies. Herbs and herbal products are formulated for the time of year in which they are received, but can bestored & saved for later use when they are needed, especially now it is more common to plan vacations ‘south’ or to warmer climates in the winter, get the occasional cold in the summer months, and with the multiple uses of herbs, they can be used in different applications year-round.

Kits in your share!! We want to share the experience of making herbal medicines by asking you to make something once a month or every other month. The herbs will be supplied, but you might need to go purchase oil, vinegar, honey, or other items to make the instructed recipe. You are always welcome to come up with your own version too. I will try to give options with the kits, so you can use what is in your cupboard for some of the kits. Some kits may be more specific though.

What could be in your Share?!
Dried Herbal Teas – blends and simples
Dried Culinary spices – blends and simples
Salves & Body Oils
Liniments (poison ivy itch relief or sunburn care)
Scrubs (salt and sugar to use in bath & shower)
Dried Herbs for external uses – compress, poultice, soaks
Cleaning Supplies
Insect repellants
Kits to make syrups, vinegars, dips

Sample Share

1oz dried tea blend – mineral tea
1.5oz dried tea simple
2.5oz dried tea blend – immunity blend
1oz bitters
1oz extract cold & flu
1oz dried culinary herb – parsley
1oz dried culinary herb – thyme
1oz salve – all purpose
4oz herbal vinegar
kit to make herbal vinegar

1oz dried tea blend – circulatory tonic
1.5oz dried tea simple
2oz dried tea blend – calming nerves
1oz extract milky oats
1oz extract calendula
1oz dried culinary herb – sage
1oz dried culinary herb – chives
kit to make cough drops
body scrub
lip balm
herbal dip or soup seasoning mix

CSA shares are not refundable. By signing up for Gathered Threads Medicinal Herb CSA as an option through Potomac Vegetable Farms, all terms and conditions of PVF’s Vegetable CSA apply. Please read PVF’s CSA terms and conditions.

Please Contact Katherine if you have any questions!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*The information and suggested uses of these products is for educational purposes only; it is not a substitute for medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the member’s and reader’s informed judgment. Personal health is too important to place in the hands of someone else; please do research, seek advice from professionals, and make conscious decisions regarding your own health. If you take medication, are pregnant, nursing, or suffer from a chronic illness please seek the counsel of a doctor before consuming herbs or supplements.