Week two

Hi all!

Sorry I was a little late with the ID the Veggies update this week… e-mail decided to play a trick on me and wait 15 hours before showing up in my inbox. This week, we’ve added Escarole, Sunburst and Patty Pan Squash, and Turnips to the page. The great thing is that the photos are taken by the PVF staff, so the veggies look exactly like what’s showing up in your bags.

Don’t forget that current and past issues of the newsletter and “In the Bag” are available.

You’ll also notice I’ve added a site news section to archive any of these updates that I make. For the web-inclined among you, I’m using WordPress.

I’m still working on getting the recipes section online. I hope to have it ready by this weekend with some a handful of initial recipes. If you have any you’d like to include, e-mail them to me.

This week, I was able to see the Purcellville farm in person for the first time. What a great place! Ellen and her staff put an unbelievable amount of work into the planting, maintaining, protecting, and picking the vegetables and it really shows. The various plots are like pieces of artwork in their own right.