Babysitting/Farm Worker Position at PVF East

Potomac Vegetable Farms is looking for an individual interested in a combined babysitting/farm worker position. The position will be 30 hours a week–15 hours of  babysitting one infant, now 8 months old, and working on the farm, at the roadside stand and in the fields for the remaining hours. The position starts immediately and willContinue reading “Babysitting/Farm Worker Position at PVF East”

The calm before the (tomato) storm by Julie Eden

July 15, 2010 Recently, I’ve been slowing down a lot every time I drive by one of the three — no four — wait no… let me think a second… SEVEN — different patches where we’re growing tomatoes on the farm. For the last week or so I’ve begun to see little glimmers of redContinue reading “The calm before the (tomato) storm by Julie Eden”

What’s Happening at PVF West? by Becky

It’s May, and of course that means we’ve gotten a hard frost the last two nights. Everything seems to have survived by some miracle that we won’t question, and we’re breathing a sigh of relief as we stuff more plants in the ground. Because that’s what we do in May. We plant. And mulch. AndContinue reading “What’s Happening at PVF West? by Becky”