5 thoughts on “Share your CSA experiences

  1. Hi,

    I greatly enjoyed being a host and receiving the vegetables. The one suggestion I have is that it is a fair bit of work to be a host. The summer went smoothly but the fall required alot of communication and troubleshooting. It was our first time coordinating a drop off location so perhaps it will be smoother and less work this year. Would you consider increasing the amount of rebate for hosts?

    We brought in 27 families to this location and I would be happy to spread the word again to maintain a strong interest as well as keep the communication as open as possible with CSA members to avoid problems.

    Thanks for the wonderful vegetables. We’re looking forward to another great season.
    Anita Cater
    Del Ray/Alexandria, VA

  2. Hey – the off season has flown by. I’ve been meaning to comment since November. 2007 was my second year with PVF and despite personal hurtles (moved house, no stove, refrigerator that froze my greens) I ate incredible well. The first year the most surprising veggie was the celery. The fact that it had flavor was eye opening to both me and my husband. It was great in cous cous. This past year I loved the bok choy. This year I hope to figure out a good spicy eggplant recipe.
    My challenges have been the celaric (I keep forgetting they are in that bottom drawer) and the arugala. There were a couple of bunches that I wasn’t disappointed to find frozen. I know lots of folks love it fresh, but I think next year, I’ll steam it as soon as I get it, and mix it with some milder greens.

    The slowest part of the year is May – when it seems like spring, but the veggies aren’t quite ready yet. It makes for a strangely long month for me.

    Looking forward to 2008.

  3. CSA has changed the way we eat. It has introduced us to many vegetables that I had never seen before. In the beginning I was overwhelmed with all the “greens” and didn’t know what they were never mind how to cook them!
    A few cookbooks and many “unique” meals later I now feel not only comfortable with all the vegetables but also down right deprived when the season ends. I make a lot of soups when the “greens” season is at its peake, freeze them and then enjoy them all windter long. We are on the last batch and hope Spring will come soon.

  4. We were first-time CSA subscribers last year, and really enjoyed experiencing new vegetables and fresh flavors. We had no idea lettuce could taste so good! Seeing what was in the bag each week was such a treat.

    I bought “Vegetables Every Day” by Jack Bishop for tips on how to cook our veggies and highly recommend it if you’re unsure what to do with them each week.

  5. I absolutely loved being a part of this CSA. It was really fun, cooking with well-known (to me) and new vegetables. I learned a lot and became a better cook.
    I was thrilled with the freshness of the veggies. I was able to save quite a few in the freezer to use through January!
    I’ll be continuing with PVF as long as I can.

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