Help us save the Loudoun Valley

Help us save the Loudoun Valley, the agricultural jewel of Northern Virginia Home to Potomac Vegetable Farms, Wheatland Vegetable Farms, Tree and Leaf Farm, Moutoux Orchard, Greenstone Fields Farm, Corcoran Vineyards.

Demonstration on Monday May 4th, 2009 6:00pm
Loudoun County Government Center: 1 Harrison Street, S.E., Leesburg, VA 20177-7000

We will present our 900 petitions, have a press conference, and have as many people as possible with signs standing in the courtyard and in the lobby of the building. This is to get us fired up for the 6:30 public comment period. We need to have so many people speak to the supervisors that they have to sit there until midnight hearing our concerns. Our goal is to get the Board of Supervisors so upset and embarrassed by this debacle that they pass some kind of resolution or motion that states a school cannot be built on these properties. That will make the sales contract Null and Void. We have two legal opinions that agree with this as our best avenue to stop these schools.

If you can’t join us, please make some phone calls and get BODIES on the site. We have three days to get this together. It’s now or never.

Deluge the Board of Supervisors with emails ( and calls (comment line 703-777-0115) demanding this land purchase be stopped by any means!

Thanks and see you there!