Ladies on Vakay

This is what a happy hen looks like. We keep only hens, no roosters, so we call them the Ladies. I’ve learned from my hip young workers that the slang for vacation is Vakay. Thus the topic of my post. The ladies, all 183 of them, have been out in the field all spring, where the variety of greenery was a bit slim. So, last week we brought them over the a very diverse and interesting area for a little vacation. This spot has weeds of every ilk, wood chips, hay bales and piles of leaves for the ladies to play in. They are so busy all day scratching and pecking that they can barely look up when we drive by. They live in this deluxe hen house at night safe from Mr. Fox. They lay eggs in the morning in the nest boxes, then party the rest of the daylight hours outside.

The fencing is just to keep them from eating crops or getting out on the road. They have lots of room to roam and express themselves. For me this is the most important part of being a chicken keeper – keeping them happy. The ladies also have access to real DIRT for giving themselves dust baths.  This dust is important for keeping parasites and lice off their skin and feathers. Yet another reason to support free range chicken products! Enjoy.