Spring Cleaning

One of the perks of living in the “country” is being able to have bonfires on a regular basis. But now that Loudoun County is considered part of the Metropolitan DC air pollution area, we must curtail such activities to the months of October through April. So, to celebrate the super gigantic full moon, the beginning of Spring, and the general letting go of the past, we lit a match on Saturday night to our humble pile of trimmings.

The raspberries and asparagus needed complete buzz cuts to remove all standing plant material. The wisdom is that doing so will remove habitat that has overwintering insects hiding inside. Stacey and Casey lovingly clipped and snipped and brought the brush over to our usual burn area. Other brush is hiding underneath, including our Christmas tree. One match later and Voila!, a fire is born. We invited some friends and relatives to enjoy this event. It’s surprisingly HOT at first while the flimsy stuff burns quickly. Then the heavier wood gets going. That’s when we pulled up the lawn chairs and awaited the arrival of the Big Moon.

May your Spring Cleaning be so much fun!


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