Winter Whites

While all appears to be asleep at PVF, the farmers are inside, cozily planning the 2010 season. Most of the seeds have been ordered and are arriving daily. We are making changes to the CSA: tinkering with share sizes, delivery sites, and getting ready for the February onslaught of registering new customers. We cherish this time of the year, enjoying the relative ease of these short days. We are trying to keep in shape, going to the gym, practicing yoga, splitting wood, so that when April comes we will be ready to bend over and plant the first babies in the ground.

Here’s a photo from that tremendous snow of late December. We went out over and over to keep moving the snow off the hoophouse so it wouldn’t collapse. That puts a whole new meaning to snowstorm. We also turned the heater on in the big greenhouse for the same reason. All structures survived the weather. I always think that these super cold nights are freezing our insect enemies in the ground. That’s another way to enjoy the winter, especially when I can stay inside and watch.

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