CSA opening to Returning Members on Feb 1, 2010

All the CSA members from 2009 will receive an e-mail on Monday, February 1, giving the link to the registration page for 2010.  If you are a returning customer and you do not hear from us then, please write to us and we’ll send a message to your correct address.  Returning customers will have until Feb 10 to sign up.

If you subscribe to PVF-West, please read all the new information on this website.  There are changes — we have one share size and one season length now.  Much simpler.  PVF-East continues to maintain its complicated structure, with three share sizes and two seasons.  Read all about it.

We have been resting and getting energized for the next season, going to conferences, reading seed catalogs, reading the regular newspaper.  We don’t mind cold, wet weather in January one bit, since it keeps us inside and guilt-free.  We are looking forward to spring, but we are in no particular hurry.