Babysitting/Farm Worker Position at PVF East


Potomac Vegetable Farms is looking for an individual interested in a combined babysitting/farm worker position. The position will be 30 hours a week–15 hours of  babysitting one infant, now 8 months old, and working on the farm, at the roadside stand and in the fields for the remaining hours. The position starts immediately and will go through Halloween. Your work day start time will vary, but your day will end at 3pm.

Babysitting would be on location in a designated indoor safe space for sleeping and playing, and with plenty of opportunities to go outside to play and take walks. The ideal candidate would be college aged or older, responsible and fun, have experience babysitting or with children, and be able to work a set schedule for the full farm season. In addition to watching and playing with the baby, you will also be responsible for feeding her a meal (food provided) and putting her down for a nap. You will be watching an already-active infant in a safe, but not childproofed, space, so the ability to pay attention and move and think quickly is imperative. You also should not mind her mom, who works on site, popping in to say hi and breastfeed. The babysitting portion of the position pays $12/hour.

The farm worker portion of the position is flexible, but could include working in the fields weeding, planting, mulching, etc..; harvesting, washing and packing vegetables; greenhouse work; packing CSA shares; and working at the roadside stand. You should be in good physical condition, able to stand, bend, squat, and lift 25-30 lbs. You should be able to tolerate the heat and sun, be organized, be able to take direction and work alone as well as in a team, and not mind getting really sweaty and dirty. The farm worker portion of the position pays $7.50/hour.

Interested? Contact Becky.

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